"Finally achieve your ideal body - whether you've never exercised, tried before and failed or you're exercising and dieting now without the results you want... "

"Finally achieve your ideal body - whether you've never exercised, tried before and failed, or you're exercising and dieting now without the results you want...."

Dear Friend,

If you’ve dieted, exercised and still can’t keep the fat off then you need to read this.

In the next few minutes, you’re going to learn how to get yourself into shape easier and in less time  than you ever thought possible  (without taping your mouth shut).

You see, at some point you probably realized that you've let yourself go and want to lose that extra fat

So you start exercising or dieting.

Maybe you even go out and get a gym membership 

And maybe these things work for a little while and you lose a few pounds 


But things start coming up and you stop working out and watching your diet.

After a while you give up and end up right back where you started or worse, you’re fatter than before.


It’s not your fault.

It’s because you fall victim to common exercise and diet myths and mistakes.

For example, people always say they need to do lots of cardio to lose weight.

But really, long cardio workouts are just a waste of your time and effort.  For some people it can hinder lean muscle tone, strength, physical performance, metabolism or fat loss results.

Plus you can achieve the same results in much less time.

Why spend 45 minutes doing something you can accomplish in 10 to 15? 

And you can do it with a workout that is more enjoyable than long cardio workouts

And this is just one example.  There are many others.

Truth is, there’s a very good chance your mindset about exercise, dieting and what it takes to get in shape is what’s really holding you back.

This is what happens when you try (grueling) program after (overly complex) program and (extreme) diet after (boring, bland) diet without long term results.

The problem is that many of these diet or exercise programs aren’t designed for your success in the long term.

Which means they usually end up hurting instead of helping you.  Not necessarily physically, but mentally.


Now what you have to realize is that the most important thing is results that last

You need something that is easy to learn, and easy for you to stick to – something you can sustain as part of your regular lifestyle – so that you can maintain your ideal body composition and your health.

And if a diet and exercise program is too long or too complex you’ll have a very hard time sticking with it, especially if you’re relying on will power alone.

And as a personal trainer I can tell you this is where most people mess up when trying to lose weight.

But remember it’s not your fault.

You’ve been fed half-truths and misinformation.

And the truth is that you don’t have to work out long and hard to stay in shape and you don’t have to starve or deprive yourself to lose weight.

Getting in shape is pretty easy and most people make it a LOT harder than it needs to be.

And one of the hardest parts of getting really fit is breaking these indoctrinated beliefs

But Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Andrew Schmarje and I was ranked among the top 3 personal trainers in New York City.

I’m also a published author.

I have a bachelor of science in Health Wellness and obtained the CSCS credential from the NSCA.

And for the last 15 years I’ve been helping people just like you to change their bodies and improve their health.

The most important thing I've learned is that exercise and eating right is more mental than physical

Everyone is physically capable of exercising.

But the reason many people don’t get started or achieve their goal is because of mental blocks.

Those who aren’t successful often fall victim to a mindset which holds them back – causing them to make poor desperate attempts, lose the habit, or give up. 

A big part of my job is breaking my clients limiting beliefs and habits.

Over the years I've heard all the major reasons or excuses people give for not exercising, watching what they eat or being in better health

This helped me understand the mind sets and behaviors of those who were successful and achieved their goals versus those who didn’t.

From this I’ve created, a mental training guidebook entitled “Why Exercise and Diet Programs Fail and What You Can Do to Succeed.”  – designed to strengthen your brain body connection and enhance your results while helping you destroy the limiting beliefs and habits that prevent you from staying in shape.

And to get you fit I’ve put together some of the most effective exercises including functional exercises, core exercises, calisthenic interval training, dynamic stretching and staple body weight moves.

All in a system I call “Ideal Body Breakthrough” – a mind body solution to help you breakthrough the limits to achieving your ideal body

This product is a digital product available for download right after purchase.  This image is for visual purposes only 

Strengthen and Define your Body

Using the most effective body weight exercises with workouts that take 20 mins or less

Easily Eat Healthy and Lose Fat

Reduce your body fat without starving or depriving yourself.  Learn how to find new healthy foods you like 

Strengthen your Mindset

The missing link and key to success.  Strengthen you body brain connection  

Ideal Body Breakthrough uses short quick body weight workouts, which take no longer than 20 minutes

These are some of the most effective exercises you can do.

Not only that, the special sequencing makes the most efficient use of your time and multiples the effects of the exercises themselves.

What’s more, these workouts use no weight and allow you to hit every major muscle group in your body with just a handful of moves

The main workouts take only 10-15 minutes and only need to be performed 3 times per week, so you’ll be able to get your workout in, even if you only have 10 minutes to spare.

Ideal Body Breakthrough is also designed to follow a progressive scale

You’ll start out as a beginner, move to intermediate and then progress to an advanced level at your own pace.

You’ll know exactly when to move onto the next level with the guides throughout the program to keep getting stronger and leaner without spending any more time.

So with just these short, simple workouts you can achieve substantial fat burning and body shaping results.

Now why have I chosen body weight workouts?

These types of movements are used in sports specific training to condition athletes.

The military also relies heavily on bodyweight training, and it’s also how you produce the highly enviable yoga body.

With this program you won’t have to waste money on a gym membership or spend hours working out.

You can exercise anytime, anywhere.

You can workout at home, in the park, at your office, while traveling or on vacation.

This program will deliver lasting results

You won’t have to starve yourself or follow complex plans.

And instead of spending hours slaving away working out, you’ll be following a streamlined, no-nonsense, exercise routine which takes almost no time at all.

This program targets all major areas of fitness – strength, endurance, flexibility, agility and body composition.  This is another major component to achieving your ideal body.

The few special moves however will always form the base and foundation of your training and yield the greatest results all around.

With the mental training guide you will strengthen your mind and build your brain body connection to accelerate then solidify your results

In Ideal Body Breakthrough you'll discover

  • Why most exercise and diet programs fail and what you can do about it.
  • Mental tricks to retrain your brain and tips to help you keep your eyes on the prize.
  • How to tap into your brain like a highly attuned athlete 
  • The 3 most important body movements for building strength and toning your body.
  • How to find nutritious foods you actually like.
  • How to create a structurally sound, visually appealing physique through bodyweight, core and functional training movements.
  • Why exercise and diet is the best way to lose fat and transform your body.
  • The most important thing  you need to do to get results.
  • How to strengthen your mind set and change your behaviors seamlessly and without forcing or depriving yourself.
  • Exercises and routines which help you get in the zone and stay focused.
  • Why dieting alone cannot give you the body that you want.
  • This program also includes a mental training course which includes proven strategies that behavioral scientists, sports psychologists and professional athletes use for optimal mental functioning.

It’s a subtle yet essential part of my training, and now you won’t have to rely on will power alone.


Many people also have specific areas of concern they'd like to focus on

Which is why I’ve included multiple bonus programs  that help you focus on these specific problem areas.  These will help you to further sculpt your ideal body.

You’ll be able to target areas like your hips and butt, and your postural muscles in your upper back and shoulders.  These two programs put together help you sculpt a V shape for men and an hourglass for women (commonly known as ideal body types)You can focus on flexibility, or accelerate your fat loss results with the Ideal Body interval training bonus. 

These added bonus routines will also help you add some variety so you don’t get bored.


With the simple moves you're going to learn in this program, you're going to strengthen and tone your entire body while burning fat.

These basic moves take as little as a few minutes so very soon this simple routine will be like brushing your teeth.

Within the first four weeks you’ll start to feel the difference.

After six to eight weeks you’ll start to see some changes in your body.

And in about twelve to sixteen weeks you could transform your entire body.

Your clothes will start fitting better and your muscles will become more defined.

You’ll have more time and energy to do the things you love to do.

You’ll become stronger and your day to day activities will become easier.

You’ll scorch body fat and skyrocket your metabolism.

You’ll become more confident and get stronger.

Plus you’ll have more energy and look and feel younger.

Not only that, you can do all this without spending ANY money on gym equipment or fees.

All you need to do is follow this easy program wherever and whenever you want

And you can literally get started right after you place your order.

Results may vary.  

This product is a digital product available for download right after purchase.  This image is for visual purposes only 

Only $17

All you need now is the desire to change and the heart to take action and get started.

This program is just $17 and is almost guaranteed to work for you.

With my expert advice you’re going to tone and reshape your entire body.

This is a special launch price.  I cannot say how long this program will remain at this promotional price, what amount it will increase to, or when it will increase once the launch is over.

Clients pay hundreds and more often thousands of dollars to work with me, so even $125  is not far fetched – considering everything you’re getting here  

Not to mention $125 is less than what it would cost to work with a trainer like me at a private studio or gym in New York City for just one hour. 

This program is loaded with some of my best advice for strengthening your mind and sticking with your program and some of my most effective bodyweight and interval training routines. 

However, I want to help more people change their body and improve their health and I don’t want the cost to be prohibitive. There’s no way i can give some of my best stuff away for free, but I also want to reward and create incentive for those who take action now. That’s why I’m offering it now at this special low price. 

This product is a digital product available for download right after purchase.  This image is for visual purposes only 

Only $17

What you're getting

You’ll be able to access the Ideal Body Breakthrough Mental Training Guide – “Why Exercise and Diet Programs Fail and What You Can do to Succeed” right after you place your order through digital download.  Once inside, you’ll receive instructions on how to access the ideal body workout programs and bonuses.

You’re going to get the Ideal Body Breakthrough Mental Training Guide ebook to help you strengthen your mind, increase your focus, learn how to get in the zone, and breakthrough major mental blocks that keep people out of shape or perpetually going up and down.

You’ll receive the Ideal Body Breakthrough workouts which includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced level programs.   Within each of these 3 levels there are progressions so you can keep making steady strides toward your goal with every workout.

You’ll also receive a program guide that will help you better understand how to use the Ideal Body workouts and bonuses together for maximum effectiveness.

Within the Ideal Body Breakthrough programs there are instructional videos so you’ll know exactly how to do each move or continue to refine or reinforce good form.

You will also have access to the Fat Burning Interval Training Program, the Postural Program, the Lower Body Hip and Glute Routine, the Full Body Stretch Routine, the Full Body Warm Up Routine, and the Nutrition Steps to Success Bonus

The Nutrition Steps to Success Bonus 

A product and program unto itself.  It forms the foundation of what you need to seamlessly change your diet without starving or depriving yourself. 

Within the Nutrition Steps to Success bonus program you’ll discover 

The Food Log Guide – This guide shows you how to use one of the most effective nutrition tools for changing you diet – the food log – just like a pro so you can get more out of it.

The Nutrition Self Assessment Guide to help you fine tune your diet for a smooth transition to healthier eating

The Healthy Food List – to help you plan your diet and choose more nutritious foods


All in all Ideal Body Breakthrough is like a mind body transformation kit.  

I’ve designed this program to remove all obstacles that stand in your way of improving your body and your health.

With all of this It’s nearly impossible for you to fail. 

But if that weren’t enough, just in case there’s some other reason you have for not getting started on this life changing program right now,  I’m going to offer a 60 day money back guarantee.  

If you don’t think this program is jam packed with valuable information that can help you change your body and improve your health or you’re not satisfied for any other reason – you can simply ask for your money back and you’ll be refunded 100%.

So now you really do have absolutely nothing to lose.  Go ahead and get started now

This product is a digital product available for download right after purchase.  This image is for visual purposes only 

Only $17

Let's review everything you're getting one more time

Just in case you missed anything here’s everything you’re getting in the Ideal Body Breakthrough program

  1. The Ideal Body Breakthrough Mental Training Guide – Why Exercise and Diet Programs Fail and What you can do to Succeed
  2. The Ideal Body Breakthrough Workout Routines.  

Plus these Bonuses

  1. Ideal Body Fat Burning Interval Training Program
  2. Ideal Body Postural Program (used to create the ideal body V taper for men and hourglass shape for women)
  3. Ideal Lower Body Routine
  4. Full Body Stretch Routine
  5. Full Body Warm Up Routine
  6. Nutrition Steps to Success

And again, Nutrition Steps to Success  is a comprehensive mini program unto itself, which includes…

  1. The Food Log Guide 
  2. The Nutritional Self Assessment Guide – to fine tune your diet like a pro
  3. The Healthy Food List – to help you plan, and choose more nutritious foodV

This product is a digital product available for download right after purchase.  This image is for visual purposes only 

Get It for Only $17

What some others have said about my training

Results may vary.  Results experienced are not typical consumer results.  

What it comes down to now is how bad you really want it

If you’ve read down this far then clearly you want change.  Not taking action (or clicking off this page) is the same path that has lead you to where you are now.   It is the reason you are here.  You now have the opportunity to change directions – to stop wanting to get in shape and to start doing it.

You are so close right now.  Maybe closer than you’ve been in a long time.  Click the button below and let me guide you onto your new path of healthier living and all the rewards that come along with it.  


This product is a digital product available for download right after purchase.  This image is for visual purposes only 

Only $17

Testimonials, case studies, and examples found on this page are results that have been forwarded to us by users of Ideal Body Breakthrough products and related products, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

The materials contained within the ideal body breakthrough program are for educational purposes.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or health condition.  It is not meant to substitute advice from a medical or health professional.  Consult your physician or health  professional before starting this or any other exercise or diet program.  If you engage in any of the Ideal Body Breakthrough exercises without consulting a medical or health professional you do so at your own risk.

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